Leaving service

If you leave service, or opt out of the DB Section, without transferring your benefits to another registered pension scheme, your pension will remain in the DB Section until you reach your Normal Retirement Date and you will be treated as a Deferred member.

Your deferred pension is calculated in a similar way to that described in the Retirement benefits section of this website but using your Pensionable Service and your Final Pensionable Earnings at the date you left service.


The example below shows the pension payable to a member who joined at the age of 22 (after 1986) and leaves after completing 10 years’ Pensionable Service with Final Pensionable Earnings of £15,000.

Complete months of Pensionable Service count as a proportion of a year.

Note: The Trustee may, in certain limited circumstances, allow you to transfer benefits (including a cash equivalent transfer value) into the DB Section.

You will receive additional credit for any transfer value you have been allowed to transfer into the DB Section from a previous arrangement.

There is currently no charge by the Trustee for exercising any of your rights to your benefits if you leave the DB Section before your Normal Retirement Date, for example, if you take flexible retirement or transfer your benefits to another arrangement.

For more information on leaving the Scheme, please refer to the Leaving Service How to Guide which can be found in the How to Guides section of this website.