Marriage, Civil Partnership, divorce and dissolution

It is important that any changes in personal circumstances are notified to the Trustee - particularly if these changes could have an impact on the payment of your benefits.

Marriage and Civil Partnership

A change in your marital or Civil Partnership status can often lead to a change in the identity of the person(s) you nominate as a beneficiary (or beneficiaries) of any benefits payable on your death. To communicate this change to the Trustee please arrange for an updated Expression of Wish Form to be completed and passed, via the Administration Team, to the Trustee for safekeeping. You can also update these details online via MyPension.

Divorce or dissolution of a Civil Partnership

Divorce or a dissolution of a Civil Partnership are events when you may wish to update the Trustee with regards to a change in the identity of your nominated beneficiary (or beneficiaries).

Please be aware that as part of the process for divorce or dissolution the Courts consider pension benefits in the calculation of the value of joint assets. This can sometimes lead to the Court issuing a pension sharing order and awarding a share of the benefits you have built up within the Scheme to your ex-Spouse or ex-registered Civil Partner. In this instance the Trustee will charge a fee payable by either you and/or your ex-Spouse or ex-registered Civil Partner.

For more information on divorce or dissolution, please refer to the Divorce Guide which can be found in the How to Guides section of this website.