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Below are the steps involved in arranging for the benefits to be paid following your death. For more information please refer to the Bereavement guide.

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  • 1 The Administration Team are notified of your death

    HR would normally inform the Administration Team of the death of an Active member. They will also provide details of who is the right person for the Administration Team to contact.

  • 2 The Administration Team confirms what documentation is required

    The Administration Team will write to the appropriate person (normally your next of kin or executor of your estate) providing the documentation that will need to be completed.

  • 3 The Administration Team receives the required documentation

    Once the Administration Team has received all the relevant documentation they will forward this to the Trustee, along with a copy of your Expression of Wish Form. If you haven't completed an Expression of Wish Form recently (or at all) we strongly recommend you complete one. This will ensure the Trustee can be made aware of your wishes if you die.

  • 4 The Trustee confirms recipient(s) for discretionary benefits

    The Trustee will decide who should receive any discretionary benefits, such as any lump sum payment. The Trustee will instruct the Administration Team what to pay and to whom.

  • 5 The Administration Team pays lump sum

    Once the Administration Team has received instruction from the Trustee they will arrange for the payment of any lump sum to the appropriate person(s).

  • 6 The Administration Team arranges for any Spouse's / registered Civil Partner's / Dependant's pension to commence

    The Administration Team will also arrange for any pensions to be paid to your Spouse, registered Civil Partner or Dependant.