Leaving Service

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Below you will find a high-level process map showing what happens if you leave the service of the Company. For more detailed information please also see Leaving Service guide.

Click on the numbers below to reveal more information about each step.

  • 1 HR advises the Administration Team that you have left Service

    You need not take any action at this stage, HR will automatically contact the Administration Team. PLEASE NOTE: This may not happen until after you have left Service.

  • 2 The Administration Team calculates your accrued benefits within the DB Section

    Once the Administration Team has received confirmation you have left Service, they will calculate your accrued benefits based on your Final Pensionable Earnings.

  • 3 The Administration Team sends details of accrued benefits to you

    The Administration Team will send you a statement which confirms the benefits you have within the DB Section. PLEASE NOTE: This may be several weeks after you have left Service.