Moving house

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Below you will find a high-level process map showing the various steps involved in updating your record if you move house.

Click on the numbers below to reveal more information about each step.

  • 1 You notify HR of your new address

    You can update your address online by logging in to Pru Select or GHO Select or by contacting your local HR representative.

  • 2 HR confirms your new address to the Administration Team

    No action is required by you. HR will provide your new address details to the Administration Team as part of their monthly update.

  • 3 The Administration Team updates your record

    Once HR have confirmed your new address to the Administration Team, your record will be updated.

  • 4 The Administration Team confirms the change

    You should receive a letter from the Administration Team confirming your address has been changed. You can also visit MyPension to see if your address has been updated.