Paying AVCs

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Below you will find a high-level process map showing the various steps involved in commencing the payment of AVCs. For more detailed information please also see The Guide to the Defined Benefit Section’s Additional Voluntary Contributions arrangements Guide.

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  • 1 You complete an AVC application form

    To start paying AVCs you need to complete an application form. There are different forms depending on whether you choose the in-house or commercial AVC arrangement. For more information on both these arrangements please take a look at the Guide to the Defined Benefit Section's Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVC) Arrangements.

  • 2 You send the completed AVC application form to the Administration Team

    Once you have completed the relevant AVC application form you need to send it to the Administration Team. Their address is on the form.

  • 3 The Administration Team checks your record to ensure in-house contribution within 15% limit where applicable

    The Administration Team will undertake some checks to make sure what you have requested is within the agreed limits.

  • 4 A copy of your completed AVC application form is sent to HR

    Once all the checks are completed, the Administration Team will send a copy of your AVC application form to HR.

  • 5 HR arranges for deduction of AVCs from your salary

    HR will make all the arrangements to deduct your AVCs from your salary and for it to be paid to the Trustee.

  • 6 HR notify the Administration Team of total AVCs deductions each month. Administration Team updates your record

    Once the deductions are being made, HR will confirm this to the Administration Team so your record can be updated to reflect this.